• Sterilize your dental instruments and leave them in the autoclave pouches as proof of sterilization. Wrap the puches in paper towels, bubble wrap or foam wrap securely so they do not rattle and break during shipping. Package them in a sturdy box using packing material to cushion them.
  • Place your name, address and telephone number in with your instruments.
  • A sterilization fee may apply if they arrive without proof of sterilization.
  • Seal your box and address it to:
968 Sierra Street #197
Kingsburg, CA 93631
  • Send your instruments via UPS or US Postal Service.
  • Insure your instruments with your carrier.

For your convenience, we will send your dental instruments back to you in a box that you can re-use for your next shipment of dull instruments.

Click here to download a shipping form