Precision Dental Sharpening is the leading dental sharpening service in the nation. We have exclusively sharpened dental instruments since 1976. We know dental instruments and how they are used. We will, not only put an edge on your instruments, but will also protect and enhance their design features.

Our turn-around time is quick. Once we receive your dental instruments, we are determined to have them sharpened and back in the mail within two business days, whenever possible. We are aware that you want your instruments back with little delay.

By allowing us to sharpen your dental instruments you will save money, time, and energy. You will save money on replacement costs because your instruments will last longer. You will save time to work on your patients by not having to work on your own "tools". You, also, will save energy by using instruments that have a definitive edge that will do the job for you.

Why not leave your dental sharpening needs to us? Simply package your sterilized, dull instruments and send them to us.

Please send instruments in their sterilization puches as proof of sterilization.