Perio & Operative Dental Instruments

Curettes & Scalers $ 1.35/end
Carvers/Excavators $ 1.35/end
Chisels $ 1.35/end
Explorers $ 1.20/end

Surgical Dental Instruments

  • There will be a handling fee of $4.00 per order, slightly more for larger orders.
  • A sterilization charge of $5.00 may be applied if instruments arrive without proof of sterization.
  • There will be a mailing charge determined by the mail carrier (UPS or USPS).
  • Any dental instruments other than those listed above may be included and will be priced comparatively.
  • If we find some of your dental instruments beyond salvation, they will be tagged and returned to you at no sharpening charge.
  • Your account is due in full upon receipt of your bill, which is included with your returned dental instruments. Late fees may apply.
Knives $ 3.25/end
Surgical Curettes $ 1.55/end
Elevators/Periosteals $ 2.95/end

Hinged Dental Instruments

Scissors - plain $ 4.95/pr
Scissor - Serrated & Suture $ 7.50/pr
Rongeurs $ 17.95

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